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Vertical Toggle Clamps

Vertical Toggle Clamps are the most popular style used in Manufacturing and Engineering as they are the most versatile.
Vertical Toggle Clamps enable users to apply a low input force to create a high output clamping force. The over centre locking mechanism prevents the clamp from opening during work holding.
This feature makes a vertical toggle clamp ideal for repetitive holding, whilst allowing a wide clearance for loading and un-loading work pieces.
Our Vertical Toggle Clamp Models include: vertical toggle clamps with flat base slotted arm, vertical toggle clamps with flat base and solid arm, vertical toggle clamps with side mounting base, vertical toggle clamps with low profile handles, vertical toggle clamps with safety locks and vertical toggle clamps with straight bases.
We also have a range of vertical toggle clamps in stainless steel as well as heavy duty vertical toggle clamps.
All our Toggle Clamps are manufactured in either zinc plated steel, stainless steel and cast steel.
All Toggle Clamps have red vinyl cushioned hand grips for user comfort, all body and linkage components are corrosion resistant, and pivot points are fitted with hardened steel or stainless steel rivets to maintain accuracy and provide a long service life.

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