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Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps

Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps have been developed to withstand the most arduous welding conditions. These heavy duty clamps are very well suited to repetitive production areas such as the automotive industry.
They have the advantage of having the basic toggle clamp mechanism, onto which the arm and handle can be welded at the desired position to suit the specific application.
Features of a heavy duty toggle clamp include:
■ Heavy Duty Toggle clamps are manufactured in Forged Steel with Black Passivation.
■ Holding forces of up to 2000 kg can be achieved.
■ Two types of base mounting are available;
(1) A short swivel base to allow the toggle clamp to be mounted at an angle relative to the arm and handle.
(2) A long straight base to allow the mechanism to be welded directly on to a dedicated jig or fixture.
■ All body and linkage components are drop forged high alloy steel for strength and rigidity.
■ All pivot pins are manufactured from hardened and ground steel, and the main pivot pins run in hardened steel bushes to maintain accuracy and provide a long service life.
■ Chemi-black surface finish to resist corrosion.

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