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Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

Pneumatic Toggle Clamps are available in three distinctive versions for pneumatic clamping.
Vertically acting mechanisms, which share the features of the equivalent manual series, from which they are derived.
Straight line action mechanisms providing a push-pull output force. Swing action cylinder clamps operating on a helix principle.
The obvious benefits offered by air powered pneumatic toggle clamps are the increased productivity and safety offered by fully automatic hands free operation.
Prevention of accidental handle opening even if the air supply is disconnected Features of the pneumatic toggle clamp include:
■ The heavy-duty pneumatic clamp range has ductile cast iron bases for strength and rigidity.
■ Cylinder ports are fitted with air-flow restrictors to control the cycle speed and to provide cushioning at each end of the stroke.
■ Chromed piston rods for protection against weld spatter.
■ Pivot points are fitted with hardened steel or stainless steel rivets to maintain accuracy and provide a long service life for these pneumatic clamps.
■ Magnetic pistons to allow sensing through the cylinder.

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