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Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

Pneumatic Toggle Clamps are available in three distinctive versions for pneumatic clamping.
Vertically acting mechanisms, which share the features of the equivalent manual series, from which they are derived.
Straight line action mechanisms providing a straight line output force similar to a push pull toggle clamp.
Swing action cylinder clamps operating on a helix principle.
The obvious benefits offered by air powered pneumatic toggle clamps are the increased productivity and safety offered by fully automatic hands free operation.
Prevention of accidental handle opening even if the air supply is disconnected.

■ All Toggle Clamps are manufactured in Zinc Plated Steel unless stated otherwise.
■ Using compressed air to actuate even when the air is disconnected the toggle clamp is still secure.
■ All body and linkage components are zinc plated to resist corrosion.
■ Pivot points are fitted with hardened steel or stainless steel rivets to maintain accuracy and provide a long service life.
■ Toggle Clamps come supplied with spindle and accessories required for operation as standard.
■ All Toggle Clamps are manufactured to a high quality and regulated by ISO standards.

■ Jigs and Fixtures.
■ Woodworking.
■ Welding.
■ CNC Machining.
■ Testing and Assembly.
■ Plastic Injection Moulding.
■ Automotive.
■ Engineering.
■ Aerospace.
■ Research and Developement.

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