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K0741 Swivel Feet In Stainless Steel For Sterile Areas Size M10-M24

Stainless steel foot plate 1.4301.
Stainless steel threaded spindle 1.4301.
Rubber base and rubber seal (EPDM).
Foot plate, polished.
Threaded spindle, bright.
Rubber base and rubber seal grey.
The levelling foot has an adjustment sleeve which covers the part of the thread. An O-ring is inserted inside the sleeve to prevent dirt from entering. This levelling foot is additionally equipped with a grey EPDM seal at the junction between the foot and the threaded spindle. This ensures stringent legal hygiene standards are met. The round shape and the sealed junction at the foot/thread allow this foot to be easily cleaned.
EPDM complies with the guidelines specified in the USDA documentation for rubber products.
The stainless steel levelling feet for sterile areas received the Equipment Acceptance Certificate of the USDA (US-Department of Agriculture).
The load values specified in the table are based on a test series in which a static load was applied perpendicular to the plates through the centre of the spindle. Radially acting forces such as those produced by vibrations or other shaking effects, affect the load rating and are not taken into account for the specified values.

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