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Swivel Feet In Steel & Stainless Steel Angle 10°
Size M10-M30

Material, surface finish: Foot plate galvanized steel or polished stainless steel. Threaded spindle galvanized steel or natural stainless steel. Rubber support (black NBR) 80 shore, vulcanised on.

Note: Swivel feet steel or stainless steel with pivoting threaded spindle and rubber base. The solid rubber base is permanently vulcanised to the sheet metal plate. The rubber base has an excellent surface grip. It is sound damping and impedes transmission of vibrations and impacts to the floor. The load values specified in the table are based on a test series, in which a static load was applied perpendicular to the plates through the centre of the spindle. Radially acting forces such as those produced by vibrations or other shaking effects, affect the load rating and are not taken into account for the specified values. For stainless steel feet from spindle size M16, the wrench sizes apply across two flats. Supplied with matching nut.

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