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Ball Locking Pins In Stainless Steel With Grip Ring Hole
Size 5-16mm

K0746 stainless steel quick release ball locking pins with grip ring hole sizes 5-16mm

Material: Pin stainless steel 1.4542. Head and push button stainless steel 1.4305. Balls stainless steel 1.4125. Spring stainless steel 1.4300. Grip ring and key ring stainless steel 1.4300.

Version: Pin, hardened min. 40 HRC and passivated. Head and push button passivated. Balls hardened 58 +4 HRC and passivated. Spring passivated. Grip ring and key ring passivated.

Note: Ball locking pins are used for fast and easy fixating and joining of parts and work pieces. The two balls can be disengaged by depressing the push button so that the parts to be joined can be pegged. When the push button is released the balls lock the connection safely and permanently. If required, the ball locking pins can be connected to a guy cable.

The pin made of high-tensile, hardened stainless steel is for extreme loads and highest wear resistance. Due to the high corrosion and acid resistance, they find wide use in the foodstuff, chemical and petrochemical industries and as construction elements in the aerospace industry. Shearing force double shear (F) = S · τ aB max.

Accessory: Safety spiral cable K0367.10200 Retaining cable with loop K0367. Key ring K0367.15/19/23

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