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Anti Vibration Mounts

KIPP Rubber buffers (also known as: rubber bobbins / stop buffers / buffer pads & anti vibration mounts) are simple and inexpensive standard elements for elastic mounting. They are suitable for compressive and shear loads. However, the loads that rubber buffers can be subjected to under shear loading is much less than that by compressive loads.

Rubber buffers are mostly used as impact buffers or for vibration absorption. They are ideal as components for isolating vibrations that result from the use of e.g. compressors, motors or aggregates. Rubber buffers are also used for mounting mechanical components and as end dampers for moving elements. As mentioned above, rubber buffers are used for vibration isolation and for this reason come under the "Buffer Elements" group in the KIPP catalogue and webshop.

In detail, this means that rubber buffers / anti vibration mounts take up the kinetic energy from assemblies and so reduce vibrations in an entire system or absorb the momentum of accelerated assemblies. When constructing machines, the energy released by vibrations must not be underestimated. In most cases, these vibrations arise from rotations and oscillations. Rubber buffers are therefore frequently used when shocks or recurring movements have to be damped with an end stop. A rubber buffer significantly reduces the vibration amplitude. Classic practical applications for rubber buffers are as "door stops", "door buffers" and machine feet. The positive side-effect as a sound-absorbing element rounds off the portfolio.

Classic applications for rubber buffers (electro zinc-plated) can be found on:

• Doors • Gates • Hatches • Machines • Plants • Motors • Drives • and stops in machine construction.

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