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Ionizing Bars
Neutralize Up To 100mm Away

EXAIR’s Gen4 Ionizing Bar requires no compressed air and eliminates static electricity on surfaces within 4" (102mm) of the bar.

The electrically powered Gen4 Ionizing Bar is compact, allowing it to fit in the confined spaces of machinery, where the charge is generated. They are ideal for surfaces which cannot be disrupted by airflow. Commonly used on paper, film and plastics that can attract dust and foreign materials which ruin product appearance, produce tearing or jamming, and zap personnel.

Advantages Significantly improved performance when positioned 2" or closer to surface Capable of minimizing static charge from up to 4" away Rugged metal armored and electromagnetically shielded cable Integrated ground eliminates additional ground connection Durable stainless steel connections to Power Supply Low cost Rapid static decay Compact Effective up to 4" (102mm) Shockless, non-radioactive Rugged design for industrial environments Easy to install, equipped with mounting flange Low maintenance Fully assembled

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