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Light Duty Line Vacs In Aluminium

EXAIR’s Aluminium Light Duty Line Vac is the ideal way to convey small volumes of materials over short distances. Like our original line vac, the aluminium light duty line vac converts an ordinary hose or tube into a conveyor for scrap, trim and bulk materials.

When lower throughputs at short distances are desired, the light duty line vac is a good choice. This simplified design utilises a two-part threaded construction to provide effective conveying at a lower cost. Air consumption is reduced to a volume appropriate for moving small volumes of material at short distances. Conveying rates are easy to control by regulating the compressed air supply pressure.

The aluminium light duty line vac features inlet and outlet diameters common to hose and tube sizes. Eight sizes for diameters from 3/4" to 6" (19mm to 152mm) are available. Standard construction is aluminium. (For corrosion resistant stainless steel models that are suitable for high temperature and food service, please contact our factory.) No moving parts or electricity assures maintenance free operation (If higher conveying rates or mounting brackets are desired, see our original Line Vac models).

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