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K0041 Wedge Clamps Machinable

Body tool steel.
Jaw segments tool steel (30 HRC).

Body hardened.
Jaw segments black oxidised.
Wedge faces ground.

These wedge clamps have a machining allowance per jaw of 3 mm for version K0041.08 and 5 mm for versions K0041.12 and K0041.16.
This extra material allows the jaws to machined to suit the form of the workpiece.

The jaws version K0041.08 and K0041.0810 are not serrated.

Spread width:
K0041.08 = ±0.5 mm
K0041.12 = ±1.0 mm
K0041.16 = ±1.5 mm

Drawing reference:
1) wedge clamps
2) workpiece
3) fixed stop
4) base plate
5) hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder

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