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K0024 Spiral Edge Clamping Screws Size M4-M16

Hardened steel

Surface finish:
Case-hardened (56 ±1 HRC) and blue galvanized

Strong and tight spiral edge clamping screws that afford downward-pressure clamping on the most diverse types of workpieces.

Assembly hint:
Make one or more thread holes in space X or Z as suggested. Screw clamping screw to the required height and place with the flat side to the workpiece. Place the workpiece and tighten clamping screw at the hexagon socket. With an approximately 1/3 turn the clamping is done. The threaded hole is to be greased regularly.

During clamping, circular motion must always be actioned in the direction of the stops in order to prevent the workpiece from turning away from the stops.

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